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Other Worlds

Since 1986, Other Worlds was built on the concept of taking the best quality ingredients available to make the best quality products. Those products are products that we would use for ourselves without the worries of what else may be added that could be harmful to ourself and our loved ones.

For that reason alone, we use essential oils that are processed with the best care by individuals who process the oils with equipment on tructs at the organic farms where the plants are raised. These essential oils are therapeutic grade or medicinal grade quality essential oils. The blends do not contain any synthetic binders or fillers like those that are found in most other companies blends. All blends are energetically infused to help carry the purpose of the blend that is made.

We use carrier oils, like jojoba, that are farmed to keep natural stands of these plants intact.

We use Dead Sea salt cultivated from only one part of the southern most part of the Dead Sea where the beneficial mineral content is the highest.

We started making the products that we were looking to buy but that no other company was making and take pride in knowing that these are the highest quality products available.

We hope that you enjoy everything and all that Other Worlds has to offer.


John at the FSMTA convention
Orlando 2010